In the event of Inclement Weather and School Closings, an ONE CALL NOW message will be sent out to all parents who have working numbers in the Student Information section of Infinite Campus. School Closings and late announcements will also be called in to WPSD. If there is no school, the call will be made by 5:30 AM. Sometimes the number shows up resembling a toll free call. If you do not wish to be contacted, get in touch with the Board of Education at 270-472-1553. Please keep all phone numbers current in case of emergencies.

Welcome to Bulldog Nation, and thanks for choosing Fulton  Independent Schools to educate your child. We hope your experience in our district is a positive one.

Students are being prepared for a rigorous year, so some challenging work may be coming home. We have an intentional focus on College and Career Readiness, and students are stepping up to the task. One of my goals is to be a top fifty district in College and Career Readiness and KPREP Testing. Our CCR percentage was 77.6 percent this past year, and we are challenging Seniors to break that record this year. Our District's Overall K-PREP score climed from the 13th percentile to the 60th percentile, making us a HIGH PROGRESSING DISTRICT. I know these children are capable of high student achievement and look forward to making that top fifty. These scores are also a testament to the staff at Fulton Independent and is indictative of the amount of time they dedicate. We are here to serve you, so if there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to contact us.

We ask that you become active in your child's education. Studies show that parents have the single most influence over a child's education. When your child gets in from school, look through the backpack for any messages, notes or tests that the teacher sent home. Parents will often be asked to sign documents and return in a timely manner. It is also important to look at the teacher's website for any deadlines for projects, or homework for the week. The high school teachers remain in the building an additional 30 minutes every day for "Opportunity Time". Students can stay and get help if needed.  Tutoring is also available after school. Please encourage your child to stay if additional help is needed.

If your child is absent, please send a signed excuse from you or the child's doctor. A parent has six absences and/or tardies before needing a doctor's excuse. Tardies will count the same as absences for the first six. Use these sparingly, as many sicknesses can be contagious  throughout the year. Also know that if the Nurse sends the child home, it will be excused. Our Nurse, Joyce Lawerence is located in the Elementary School and will be sent to the High School on an as needed basis.

B3 (Bulldogs Beyond the Bell) is up and running. This program offers a snack time and homework time, and is open until 5:45. The program is for grades 3-8, and we currently have a waiting list for students to participate.

Carr Elementary is also participating in the Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program. Students have a morning break 3 days per week to enjoy these Grant Funded Items. We were only one of two schools west of Bowling Green to receive this honor, so encourage your child to try new items as they become available.  Regretfully, the high school does not get this program, as it is only offered for elementary students.

Next week begins KPREP testing for the district. Please be sure that your child gets plenty of rest and eats a good breakfast. We need to maintain the High Progressing status that we received last year. Good luck students!


In Education,
Tamara Smith, Superintendent






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    The 2015 CDIP (Consolidated District Improvement Plan) states goals and activities for students and teachers in order to increase student achievement. The goals targets the 2015 calendar year.

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